I don't even know where to start. Cristina made my birth experience feel much smoother even though it went the complete opposite of how I had planned. I know you should always expect anything on the big day, as she had reminded me throughout my pregnancy, but I had expectations of how I wanted to do things, and changed my mind day of. Cristina was by my side supporting me the whole time. I don't feel regretful and unfulfilled even though things got kind of crazy. She really made me feel as much at ease and as comfortable as possible. I can't recommend her enough for your big day. I know that if I decide to have another baby, I will definitely want Cristina to be by my side again.  (6/17/2016)


It's hard to begin to describe how amazing our experience with Cristina was. From the moment we met her, my husband and I were so impressed with her professionalism, her calm demeanor, and her vast knowledge of pregnancy and the birth process. Choosing her to be our doula was a no-brainer. She checked up on me regularly via texts and e-mails, and when it came closer to my due date, she made house calls to practice different coping techniques and birthing positions and to go over my birth plan. She even brought along a back up doula with her for me to meet in case there would be a reason Cristina could not attend the birth. She offered wonderful resources when I had any questions or concerns regarding my pregnancy and labor. She always went above and beyond what was asked of her. During my labor she was always there for me and gave my husband and I the space we needed but always knew when to offer a helping hand. I ended up having some complications during my home delivery and was transferred to the hospital. Cristina was with us every step of the way and stayed by our sides until our baby was born.  She dried and encapsulated my placenta into pills and brought them to my home a few days after giving birth. I have felt amazing during my postpartum period and I think it's due in no small part to these magic pills! I can't say enough positive things about Cristina as a doula and as a person. If my husband and I ever decide to have another baby there is no doubt in our minds that we would choose Cristina to be our doula again. I would highly recommend her to anyone! (9/25/2016)


Cristina was fantastic to work with. She was very knowledgeable with lots of suggestions for me and for my partner to support me through labor. She was very responsive when I provided feedback, or said that something wasn't working or I needed to try something different. She helped us recognize that my labor was progressing very fast, and that it was time to call the midwife. She also worked very well with the rest of the care team, offering to help in every way possible from blowing up the air matress to ensuring I was getting enough water throughout the process. I would highly recommend Cristina - she has a very calming presence and was a great addition to the team for this first time mom! (10/26/2016)


Countless times my partner and I have wondered how anyone makes it through labor and birth without a doula. There is something about a doula, and about Cristina in particular, that offers a whole new dimension of support to the birthing experience. For me, it took birth from a medical or physical experience to a deeply spiritual one; Cristina offered support that was not only tangible and practical, but also energetic and emotional. She brought an intuitive and thoughtful presence every step of the way. Having Cristina allowed for me -- and for my partner, as well -- to ask ourselves questions about what we really valued and really wanted. She gave us permission to explore and to imagine, all while offering grounded information, experience and knowledge. The labor and birth were beautiful; I honestly believe they would not have gone as they went without Cristina. I was able to have the unmedicated birth that I dreamed of (no one was more surprised by this than me!!) and I have Cristina and the whole birth team to thank. Cristina brought such unwavering presence, attunement and encouragement, and I still could not be more grateful. It is an honor to recommend Cristina to anyone considering the support of a doula -- we are so glad to have shared such a powerful, intimate and transformative experience. (7/1/2017)


We had a wonderful experience with our doula during the birth of my son, but she was not available to help us a few years later when I became pregnant with my daughter. Our former doula recommended Cristina to us, and we couldn't have been happier with her. She was everything we hoped for: warm, compassionate, funny, calm, patient, supportive, and knowledgeable. It was a long, difficult birth and my husband and I were so grateful to have Cristina by our sides, providing encouragement, helping us to process decisions, documenting the journey in a journal, and advocating for our needs when exhaustion took over. She took countless trips up and down the hospital hallways with me and helped me try different positions to speed up the birthing process. Just when I thought I couldn't ask my body to do more, she was there with a kind word and a guiding hand. She also knew exactly when to step back and allow my husband and I some privacy. Her presence was truly a gift; I wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone considering a doula. (12/5/2018)

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